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One of our most popular golf cart rental delivery locations is our Miami golf cart rental and the various nearby cities and towns in Dade county. Street legal golf carts, which have a maximum speed of 24mph, are required on main roads, and can drive on roads with a speed limit of 35mph or less. Electric bikes are also incredibly popular in Miami, another rental service we offer.

Below, we’ll share just a few of our most popular delivery locations in Miami, each with their own website that will be linked if you would like to fill out a golf cart reservation form. For more areas where we deliver, check out our list of delivery location websites on our contact page, where you can also call or email us with any other questions.

Miami Golf Cart Rental Delivery Locations

miami golf cart rental, street legal golf cart, cart rental miamiMiami Beach Golf Carts Rental

Some very popular tourist areas of Miami Beach include Lincoln Road, where various shops, restaurants, and galleries can be visited, along with the internationally respected New World Symphony, Arts Center South Florida, and the Colony Theater. Miami Beach Boardwalk is also lined with shops and hotels, and is a perfect place to bring one of our electric bike rentals, which we have recently begun offering within the last year. Many of our E-bikes fold up for easy storage and transport, so you can take one of our golf carts from your hotel, park nearby, then unfold an Ebike for a great journey down this beach-adjacent trail.

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Also near Miami Beach is the Wynwood art district, with incredible artistic attractions including Wynwood Walls, where a large space is covered by huge, colorful street murals painted by various artists from all over the world, as well as the RC Cola Plant and the Paradox Museum. Between Miami Beach and the rest of Miami on the mainland is Watson Island, home to the theme park Jungle Island, where you can find almost 3,000 different animal, bird, and plant species, as well as trails and a petting zoo. These destinations are all within a few miles of each other, perfect for the 20-25 mile range our street legal golf carts can drive.

miami golf cart rental, street legal golf cart, cart rental miamiMiami Gardens, Miami Golf Cart Rental

By far, the most well-known destination spot in Miami Gardens is the Hard Rock Stadium, one of the most popular stadiums for concerts, sporting events, and more. We’ve had customers of all sorts rent for the Hard Rock Stadium – from tourists on vacation to workers at the event sites. Our non street legal golf carts, particularly our 6 passenger carts, are incredibly popular for job and event sites such as this one, as they are great for shuttling guests to and from various areas of the stadium, and don’t need to be street legal to be driven on stadium roads. If you are a vendor working with the Hard Rock Stadium, our Miami Gardens golf cart rental reservation is perfect for you and your event. Contact us by following the link above to learn more.

miami golf cart rental, street legal golf cart, cart rental miamiMiami Lakes Carts Rental

Miami Lakes is home to Main Street, a street filled with various shops and places to eat, as well as the Senator Course at Shula’s Golf Club. As one of Miami’s best championship golf courses, the Senator Course has over 500 acres of sprawling land with a par 72 18-hole championship course, for players of all skill levels. For golf courses, our 2 passenger non street legal carts are the best option, as most of them come with various accessories made specifically for golf. This includes golf bag holders in the back, a sand bottle holder, and a score card holder on the steering wheel – complete with a clip to hold a pencil as well. If you have a bigger group, our 4 passenger non street legal and 6 passenger non street legal carts are great as well, though they are not allowed at every golf course – please check with the golf course you are visiting to make sure there are no restrictions. 4 passenger and 6 passenger carts have back seats that fold down into a flat surface, great for transporting materials of all sorts.

miami golf cart rental, street legal golf cart, cart rental miamiMiami Shores Carts Rental

There are a lot of places to eat in Miami Shores, and even a few cooking classes as well, such as iCanCook and the Real Food Academy. The Miami Shores Country Club is another golf course where one of our 2 passenger non street legal carts would be perfect for easy travel. This country club is also well-known for their great dining experience, with a large sunken bar and a great view of the rest of the course.

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